About this workshop

Workshop I: ‘Owl Singalong’ (Ages 4+)

Are you ready to hoot like an owl? Join Lorna McLaughlin in this charming and melodious song by Raffi and get to experience the sensation of ‘owling’!

Owl Singalong is a really easy two verse song with a simple chorus. We can put our fingers above our heads to make ears as we sing along to copy the Long Eared Owl, the most common type of owl in Ireland. But hang on, do owls have ears?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's meet Lorna and sing our 'Hello song'.

    • Let's meet Lorna and sing our 'Hello Song'

  • 2

    Let's listen to 'Sing-along Owl'

    • Let's listen to 'Sing-along Owl'

  • 3

    Let's warm up with Lorna

    • Let's warm up with Lorna

  • 4

    Let's meet different types of owl and say hello to Thomas the musician!

    • Let's meet different types of owl and say hello to Thomas the musician!

  • 5

    Let's Learn 'Sing-along Owl'

    • Let's Learn 'Sing-along Owl'

  • 6

    Let's sing along to 'Sing-along Owl'

    • Let's sing along to 'Singalong Owl'

  • 7

    Final Farewell

    • Final Farewell

Workshop Instructor

Lorna McLaughlin

Lorna McLaughlin is a contemporary singer and songwriter, and core member of the band The Henry Girls. As well as being a seasoned performer, she has vast experience running vocal workshops, choirs, festival events and training for teachers, delivering classes and workshop to thousands of people all over Ireland and beyond, of all ages and abilities. Lorna’s work with the Henry Girls has seen them write music for plays, films, contemporary dance shows and they have also released six albums, mostly of original music. They have performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Celtic Connections, Cork Jazz Festival, Milwaukee Irish Festival, to name a few, and have toured extensively in Germany, Austria, America, UK and of course in Ireland. Lorna is a co-founder of The Inishowen Gospel Choir and was one of their Musical Directors from 2005 until 2010. In that time, they performed at festivals all over Ireland, The UK and parts of Europe and they collaborated with highly acclaimed musicians such as Moya Brennan, Cara Dillon, Foy Vance and Duke Special. She has also worked extensively with organisations such as Live Music Now, Simply Music, DMEP (Donegal Music Education Partnership), Music Generation Laois and Letterkenny Summer School of Music, delivering concerts and workshops in hospitals, prisons, nurseries, schools, preschools and elderly units all over the UK and Ireland. Lorna has been lecturing at BIMM Dublin since 2017 as a vocal styles tutor. She is a highly skilled, experienced and sought after as a music facilitator and is passionate about empowering teachers and students to become more confident about their musicality.