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A brand new traditional music series for children

Premiering new compositions by some of Ireland's most renowned traditional musicians and singers

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    Pigeon on the Gate | Official Trailer

    • Pigeon on the Gate | Official Trailer

  • 2

    Elfin interviews Áine McGeeney

    • Episode 1: Áine and her new tune 'Fly Away'

    • Episode 2: Áine and her new tunes 'The Fairy Tree' and 'The Dinner Dance'

  • 3

    Elfin interviews Caitlín NicGabhann

    • Episode 3: Caitlín and her new song 'Lá Mór Fada'

    • Episode 4: Caitlín and her new tune 'The New Arrival'

  • 4

    Elfin interviews Síle Denvir

    • Episode 5: Síle and her new song 'Siar 's Aniar'

    • Episode 6: Síle and her new tune 'An Gleoiteog'

  • 5

    Elfin interviews Barry Kerr

    • Episode 7: Barry and his new tune 'The Laughing Seagull'

    • Episode 8: Barry and his new song 'The Leveret on the Lawn'

Pigeon on the Gate is a Ceol Connected production. Commissioned by Tradoodle Festival and supported by Monaghan County Council, Music Generation Tipperary, and Draíocht Arts Centre. Funded by the Arts Council

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