In this workshop, we will imagine living high up in the treetops. What animals and friends will share your new leafy home with? Through drawing, you will design your dream treehouse. Then collaborating with your friends or family you will create a whole treehouse village.


  • 1

    Tradoodle Workshop: Let's Invent Our Very Own Treehouse

    • Introduction to Tradoodle Workshop

    • Materials You Will Need

  • 2

    Part I: Let's Build Our Treehouse

    • Part 1: Let's Build Our Treehouse

  • 3

    Part II: Let's Build Our Own Treehouse

    • Part 2: Let's Design And Build Our Own Treehouse

  • 4

    Part III: Let's Decorate Our Treehouse

    • Part 3: Let's Decorate Our Treehouse

Workshop Facilitator

Duffy Mooney-Sheppard

Duffy is a visual artist, arts program curator and workshop facilitator. A recent graduate of the MA Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Arts, she is drawn to the process of story-making as a way to explore ideas and share her curiosity about the natural world. With many years of experience working creatively with young people and cultural institutions and schools, she has developed her facilitation methods which are based in playful observation, imagination and telling tall tales. This year, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, she founded Little Islands Art Club, an online art groups for children and adults. Find out more at: www.duffydraws.com